Will Rightline Gear Truck Tents Fit The 2019 Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger has been a legendary mid-size pickup truck ever since it was released in 1983. It has served owners well as a reliable, hardworking, ready for anything truck. When it was discontinued in 2012, we knew it was going to leave a hole in Ford’s truck line up.

In 2017, when Ford first announced the Ranger’s return to the North American market, we began patiently waiting for our chance to test fit our Truck Tents to these new Rangers. Our Compact Size Bed Truck Tent fits the older model Rangers perfectly, but we were left wondering if we have a tent which will fit the 2019 Ranger just as well.

It was apparent in the first photos of the new Ranger there were going to be (2) bed length options, and by the looks of it Ford had chosen to go the same route as the Colorado/Canyon; a taller height bed made for extra cargo capacity.

In recent weeks our product team has been able to test fit our tents to the new Ranger models. We are excited to announce that two Truck Tent sizes already in our lineup fit the 2019 and newer Ranger:

110761 Mid Size Long Bed Truck Tent (6’) – Tall Bed

110766 Mid Size Short Bed Truck Tent (5’) – Tall Bed









110761 will fit the 2019 and newer Ranger with a long bed.

110766 will fit the 2019 and newer Ranger with a short bed.

Please note, (1) attachment step is currently unique to the Ranger. The (2) “C straps” called out in the set up guide will need to be attached to the lip of the fender as shown in the below, not to the bottom outside lip of the truck bed as mentioned in the set up guide:















We are working to make a running change to these truck tent part numbers which will allow the straps to attach to the bottom outside lip of the truck bed. We expect these truck tents with these changes to begin shipping in 2020.

These two tent sizes are available through any authorized Rightline Gear retailer: http://rightlinegear.com/where-to-buy.html

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