Ultimate Adventure Week And Rightline Gear

Four Wheeler Network is a group of print publications such as Peterson’s 4 Wheel and Offroad, Four Wheeler, Dirt Sports and Offroad, and JP Magazine. Every year, the network sponsors an off road summer camp for its readers, sponsors, and other friends.

The details of where the group is going is kept secret until the last minute. It’s what makes Ultimate Adventure Week an ultimate adventure. Each driver must be ready for anything, all at a moments notice – sounds like great fun.

One of our Rightline Gear dealers, T & A Off Road in Hendersonville, NC, was keen enough to spot one of our products being used on one of the rigs in the event. Check out the You Tube video below at about the one minute mark to see our 4×4 Duffle Bag being put to the test.


The 4×4 Duffle Bag is a weatherproof duffle that can be attached to the roof of a Jeep Wrangler or other 4×4 vehicle. Your gear stays dry and you have a way to gain valuable storage capacity.

Search You Tube for 2014 Ultimate Adventure Week to see updates on each day’s challenges.

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