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Package Contents

  • tent
  • (2) orange-marked tent poles
  • (1) gray-marked tent pole
  • (1) pole bag
  • (1) rainfly
  • (1) stuff sack with sewn in set up guide

Set Up The Truck Tent

Open the tailgate. Place the tent in your truck bed with the mesh window side facing up. Slip the tent over the tailgate and run the tailgate strap underneath.

Pull the tent forward so that it covers the entire truck bed (Fig 1). The front corners of the tent have split seams that go over the front corners of the bed (Fig 2).

Loosely attach the C straps to the bottom outside lip of the truck bed (Fig 3). p>

Open the door of the tent. Tilt the tailgate up and thread the (2) orange straps (Fig 4) through the tailgate gap (the space between the tailgate and the truck bed) (Fig 5).

Release the tailgate down. Pull up on the orange straps to make sure each clip’s swivel base (Fig 6) stops against the underside of the tailgate. If the clips pull up through the tailgate gap, re-thread the orange straps through the gap and fasten the clips to any points below the truck’s bumper (Fig 7).

Tighten the orange straps so the inner flap seams run along the top outer edges of the bed rails (Fig 8 and Fig 9).

Attach the A and B straps to the bottom outside lip of the truck bed (Fig 3) and tighten the A, B, and C straps. Make sure the inner flap seams remain fixed along the top outer edges of the bed rails (Fig 8 and Fig 9).

Tighten the tailgate strap (Fig 10). Place the tailgate side flaps behind the bumper (on most trucks) (Fig 11).

Run the D straps over the A straps and attach them to the bottom outside lip of the truck bed (Fig 12).

Run all (3) tent poles through their matching color pole sleeves (Fig 13).

The (2) front poles are marked with orange tape and the rear pole is marked with gray tape (Fig 13 and Fig 14). The gray-marked pole should run under the (2) orange-marked poles (Fig 14).

Raise each of the orange-marked poles by inserting their ends into their matching color pole pockets (Fig 15). Raise the gray-marked pole by the same method.
Attach the (4) pole clips to the gray-marked pole (Fig 16).

Position the inner flaps on the top of the bed rails, under the orange straps, and pull out the slack (Fig 17).

Adjust all straps a final time. Make sure that the inner side flap seams run along the top outer edges of the bed rails (Fig 8 and Fig 9).

Set Up The Rainfly

Use of the rainfly is optional, depending on weather conditions. Position the rainfly over the tent with the logo over the tent’s door. Connect the (3) buckles on each side of the tent (Fig 18) and adjust their straps. The rainfly should cover the windows on both sides of the tent (Fig 19).

Tie the (3) strings at the rear edge of the rainfly to the tent poles (Fig 20). Line up the seams of the rainfly with the tent poles underneath (Fig 21).

Take Down The Truck Tent

Release the pole clips and take the poles out of the pole pockets. Lower the tent and remove the poles from the pole sleeves. Fold the poles and place them into the pole bag.

Unclip the A, B, and C straps and loosen the tailgate strap.

Tilt the tailgate up and release the orange straps.

Roll the tent, the rainfly, and the pole bag together (Fig 22). Place the rolled up tent into the stuff sack (Fig 23).