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  • Frequently Asked Questions
Moki Door Step

Is The Door Step Safe?

When used as directed, yes! The Rightline Gear Moki Door Step is engineered with a wide platform that supports both feet for a balanced standing position. Please follow the instructions on how to properly install and use your Door Step to avoid improper use; we are not responsible for any injuries which may occur.

Will The Door Step Damage My Vehicle?

The Moki Door Step has been rigorously tested to ensure that it will not damage your vehicle. The secret is the Door Step’s coated hook and rubber bumpers; they’re engineered to protect your vehicle’s finish from scratching, even with continuous use.

Can The Door Step Support A Person’s Weight?

Yes, the Door Step is rated to safely support a 400 pound weight capacity. Aircraft-grade aluminum construction ensures that the Moki Door Step is built to get the job done!

What Is The Door Step Made Of?

The Door Step is die cast from aircraft-grade aluminum, and the bumper is made of rubber and securely attached with screws for additional protection.

How Much Does The Door Step Weigh?

The Door Step weighs in at just under 2 pounds, but don’t mistake it for being weak! Despite its light weight, the Moki Door Step is super strong and can easily support a 400 pound weight capacity.

Is The Door Step Painted?

No, the process we use which gives the Moki Door Step its signature bright orange hue is actually epoxy powder coating! The soft dip coating at the hook adds extra protection for the Step and the vehicle.

Will The Door Step Rust?

No, not ever. Because of the Door Step’s aluminum construction, it is impossible for it to rust!

Why Are There Cutouts In The Step?

The cutouts in the Door Step help to keep it lightweight (under 2 pounds!) and also help to give you a little more traction when accessing roof.

Why Are There So Many Other Lower Cost Steps On The Internet?

The Moki Door Step is the original, patented design; the other products are cheap, foreign knockoffs. Our Rightline Gear Moki Door Step is such an innovative and unique product, that it was only a matter of time before low-quality reproductions would start popping up online. However, legal action is underway and copyright infringers will soon be off the market. We appreciate your support for the Original Moki Door Step and its creator, Zach Brown.

Is Your Product Made In The USA?

The Moki Door Step is designed, developed, and shipped by a great team of people located in Asheville, North Carolina; our production is handled by a carefully selected manufacturing partner in China.

Car Top Carriers

Are The Car Top Carriers Waterproof?

We strive to design car top carriers with features that keep your gear dry. We offer car top carriers in three levels of weather protection.


100% Waterproof – The Sport Car Top Carriers are made from PVC Semi-Coated Mesh XT and constructed with welded seams. The SZIP waterproof zipper is a patented waterproof zipper that keeps water from entering the carrier. No zipper flap required!


Weatherproof + – The Range Car Top Carriers are made from PVC Semi-Coated Mesh XT and constructed with welded seams. The carrier’s urethane coated zipper and hook-&-loop close zipper flap ensures your belongings are protected from the elements!


Weatherproof – The Ace Car Top Carriers are made from PVC Semi-Coated Mesh and constructed with welded seams. A hook-&-loop-close zipper flap protects the carrier’s fabric zipper from all types of weather!

How Do I Choose The Right Carrier?

Start with our Car Top Carrier Comparison Chart. It compares the sizes, materials, waterproof level, and other features of our roof top cargo bags. Decide which features are important to you.

Next, find out which cargo bags will fit on the roof of your vehicle. You can measure and compare the dimensions of your vehicle’s useable roof space to our car top carriers’ dimensions. If a tape measure is not handy, you can also consult our Car Top Carrier Fit Guide.

Finally, determine which carrier of your available choices will hold the right amount of gear. You may want to consider the answer to “How Many Suitcases…” below.

Are The Car Top Carriers Made From Quality Materials?

The cargo bags are made from PVC Semi-Coated Mesh XT, PVC Semi-Coated Mesh, or PVC Coated Mesh. These great looking materials stand up extremely well to the abuse taken on top of a vehicle. The polypropylene straps used to secure the carriers have a high safety rating. The buckles in each of the (4) corners of the carrier are sewn to welded patches.

Can I Use The Car Clips On My Vehicle?

Car Clips attach under the vehicle’s door frame weather molding. All but a very few vehicles are able to utilize the Clips. Exceptions are mini-vans with sliding doors and cars without a metal frame around their door’s windows (think some sports cars). Please read the Replacement Car Clips Set Up Guide page for more details.

Do The Car Top Carriers Come With Car Clips?

Yes. As of roughly July 2017, Car Clips are included with every Rightline Gear Car Top Carrier. We realize that customers who bought previous model carriers without Car Clips may want to add them at a later point in time. Rightline Gear offers Replacement Car Clips for this purpose. The Car Clips can be used on all Rightline Gear Carriers, the latest model and the older models.

What Is The Weight Limit For The Luggage Carriers?

Generally, the amount of weight you can put into our carriers is limited by your vehicle’s attachment point rating. Please check your owner’s manual or contact your local dealer to find this information. Most vehicles are rated at around 100 lbs.

How Many Suitcases Can Each Of Your Luggage Carriers Hold?

It is hard to say as this answer depends on the size of your suitcases. We recommend getting a tape measure and marking out an area on the floor the size of the car top carrier. Lay your suitcases over this area, checking the height as you go. You can also quickly check our Car Top Carrier Capacity Guide.

Can I Use The Car Top Duffle Bag When I Travel By Air?

The Car Top Duffle Bag may be used when traveling by air, but you may incur an oversize baggage fee. Size restrictions are determined by the weight, and in some cases, the linear dimension of a bag. To obtain the linear dimension of your bag add its Length, Width, and Height together. The maximum allowable linear dimension for a carry-on bag is around 45 inches. The maximum allowable linear dimension for a checked bag is around 62 inches. The dimensions of the Car Top Duffle Bag are 36″ L x 16″ W x 13″ H, making its linear dimension 65″. Bags with a linear dimension over the maximum allowable can be checked, but you may have to pay an oversized baggage charge. Please check with your airline before travelling.

Car Back Carrier

What Is Necessary To Use The Car Back Carrier?

You can use the Car Back Carrier if you have a distance of 40″ between your rear tail lights on vehicles WITH or WITHOUT a roof rack. The Rear Car Clips, which are included, can be used to attach the Car Back Carrier to vehicles without a roof rack.

You will also want to check the distance between your bumper and the top of the rear window. The Car Back Carrier is 28″H. Make sure that you will be able to see out of the rear window with the cargo bag attached.


Does The Car Back Carrier Come With Rear Car Clips?

Yes. As of roughly April 2019, Rear Car Clips are included with every Rightline Gear Car Back Carrier. We realize that customers who bought the previous model carrier, the Cargo Saddlebag, without Rear Car Clips may want to add them at a later point in time. Rightline Gear offers Replacement Rear Car Clips for this purpose.

How Long Are The Straps That Attach The Car Back Carrier To The Back Of The Vehicle?

The long side straps measure 101″L from where they leave the bag to their ends. The short side straps measure 18″L from where they leave the bag to where they attach to the female buckles. So, the distance that the straps can extend above the cargo bag is just under 5’.

Some vehicles have roof racks that are mounted forward from the rear of the vehicle. In this case, the Car Back Carrier may need to be suspended above the bumper for its straps to reach the roof rack. This higher mounting does not present any problems as long as the driver’s rear view is not completely blocked by the carrier. If your vehicle’s roof rack is too far forward, you can use the Rear Car Clips to attach the carrier to the rear hatch door.

Do I Need Something Extra To Give The Bag Shape?

No. The bottom pole frame does a great job of providing the needed support. Whatever you place in the bag, however, will give the bag its overall shape. You need to plan your packing to completely fill the bag. We recommend that suitcases be placed in first, straddling both bottom poles. Place items with hard edges in the middle and pack softer items around them.

You may find product reviews on our dealer’s sites that refer to the older version of our Car Back Carrier (called the Cargo Saddlebag) which did not include a bottom pole frame.

Will The Car Back Carrier Scratch The Paint On The Rear Of My Vehicle?

No. The Car Back Carrier is held tightly in place by its straps. The cargo bag does not move around on the back of the vehicle and will not mark the paint. The straps that go to the roof of the vehicle ride on pads that are designed to keep the straps from rubbing on the corner of the roof. The Rightline Gear Non-Skid Roof Pad can be placed between the Car Back Carrier and the vehicle as an extra precaution.

Do I Need A Trailer Hitch To Attach The Lower Straps?

No. The lower straps can be attached around, below or behind the vehicle’s bumper. Usually, the part of the vehicle’s frame that extends to the bumper is a great place to attach the straps.

Truck Tents

How Do I Pick The Correct Truck Tent For My Truck?

Measure the inside length of your truck bed with the tailgate up. You will notice that each of the truck tents reference a truck bed length. Then, double-check your result by using our Truck Tent Sizing Guide to find your truck. Be careful as some truck models have changed tent sizing from year to year and some truck models are available in different lengths within the same model year. Please contact us with any questions on sizing that you may have.

I Can’t Find My Truck On The Sizing Guide. Is There A Truck Tent For It?

We are sorry, but some models of trucks will not have a truck tent available. If you do not see your model listed, chances are there is no truck tent available. Please feel free to contact our customer service if you are unsure.

How Difficult Is It To Set Up A Rightline Gear Truck Tent?

With the color coded poles and pole pockets and the directions sewn into the stuff sack (with lots of pictures), most people have a pretty easy time setting up the truck tent. The first time out it may take as long as 30 minutes, but after that it should be around 15 minutes. Please feel free to contact our customer service if you have any questions concerning your set up.

Will The Truck Tent Keep Me Dry?

Absolutely. The tent is designed so that all surfaces go around the outside of the truck bed, therefore, it is impossible for water to run inside the bed. All fabric is rated at pu 2000mm PU and the tent is constructed with tape sealed seams. A rain fly is included as well.

Is The Truck Tent Fireproof?

The tent meets the fire resistant requirements of CPAI84, the industry standard for tents. Our truck tent also meets Health Canada’s Consumer Product Safety Program’s Hazardous Products (Tents) Regulations.

Is The Truck Tent UV Treated?

Yes. All tent materials and the rain fly have been treated with a UV protectant (UPF 50).

Will The Truck Tent Damage My Truck’s Paint Job?

No, the tent straps and buckles are made from materials that do not scratch the truck’s finish under normal use. The truck tent is designed with the minimum number of straps to secure the tent over the bed. There are no exposed metal parts in the truck tent design.

Will The Truck Tent Fit Around My Truck Accessories?

Bed Liner-Yes. Bed liners are easy to clean and don’t interfere with a Rightline Gear Truck Tent set up in any way.

Tool Box-Truck tents will not fit over tool boxes that extend over the truck bed walls. Tool boxes that fit in between the truck bed walls do not present any problem. Sometimes, a crew cab tent will fit a standard size truck with a tool box, etc. The front lip of the truck tent will overlap the top of the tool box. The rain will run down the tent onto the top of the tool box and off the front or sides. Subtract the width of your tool box from the overall bed length with the tailgate up to see if there is a truck tent size that will work for you.

Railings-Truck tents will fit on trucks with side railings up to 3″ high. If the railings are over 3″ high, they will lift the base of the truck tent too far away from the top of the bed walls, allowing the potential for wind or water to come inside the tent.

Rollbars-Truck tents usually won’t fit over roll bars, especially if they interfere with the truck bed walls. If your roll bar is low in height and does not extend over the walls of the truck bed, please contact us with your specs and we will try to let you know if a truck tent will work.

Tonneau Covers-Truck tents won’t work with tonneau covers that extend over the bed rails. A truck tent can work with a tonneau cover if the cover can roll or fold back and fit between the truck bed side walls. If the cover extends over the side walls of the bed when rolled back, but has a low height, it may still be possible to use with a truck tent. Send us a photo of your truck bed/tonneau cover if you have any questions.

Can You Drive With A Truck Tent Set Up?

Not on public roads. Maybe around your campsite a short distance-5 mph max. If the truck’s muffler gets hot, you can definitely run into a safety issue.

SUV Tent

Will The SUV Tent Fit My Vehicle?

The Rightline Gear SUV Tent’s vehicle sleeve features separate lower and upper halves that come together in a clamping action. The sleeve is not a circle with a set circumference. This design allows the tent’s vehicle sleeve to conform to the rear of many different sized vehicles.

What If I Have Barn Doors On The Back Of My Vehicle?

No problem. The vehicle’s door will extend into the main tent room. Sleep with your feet towards the SUV to keep from hitting your head in the middle of the night. We are slightly concerned that in a heavy rain storm, water may pool on the upper vehicle sleeve between the (2) barn doors (depending on how much tension exists on the upper sleeve fabric). As a precaution, we would recommend placing a piece of plywood (or other hard material) over top of the two doors. The wood would keep the water flowing off of the vehicle sleeve under even the heaviest of rains. The SUV tent’s vehicle sleeve will strap to the roof rack of the vehicle. If no roof rack, use the extension straps to attach the vehicle sleeve to the vehicle’s wind shield wipers.

Can The SUV Tent Be Used As A Stand Alone Tent?

Yes, simply zip the door that leads to the vehicle closed and secure the vehicle sleeve to the side of the tent using the dowel and loop fasteners. You have the flexibility to use your vehicle during the day and then connect it to the SUV tent in the evening.

How Many People Does It Take To Set Up The SUV Tent?

The Rightline Gear SUV Tent can definitely be set up by one person. We recommend two, however, considering that you need to back up a vehicle into the tent before connecting the vehicle sleeve – a spotter always helps. A second set of hands helps with the large size of the tent as well.

Is The SUV Tent Water Resistant?

Yes, the SUV Tent has been designed with many features to keep water out. First, the tent fabric itself is treated to be water resistant, 2000mm PU. The wall and floor seams are tape sealed and the tent’s PE bathtub floor wraps up around the sides. The zippers have fabric zipper covers. A rainfly is provided for an additional level of water protection.

Is The SUV Tent Fireproof?

The tent meets the fire resistant requirements of CPAI84, the industry standard for tents. Our SUV tent also meets Health Canada’s Consumer Product Safety Program’s Hazardous Products (Tents) Regulations.

Is The SUV Tent UV Treated?

Yes. All tent materials have been treated with a UV protectant (UPF 50).

How Does The SUV Tent Work on Truck Caps?

The SUV Tent goes around pick-up trucks with caps the same way it goes around standard SUVs, minivans, crossovers, and wagons. The rear window of the truck cap raises up and is held in place by the tent’s lower sleeve strap (strap E in the set up guide). The orange straps inside the tent (straps F and G in the set up guide) attach to the corner cleats inside the truck bed (and to the license plate below the tailgate). If the truck cap does not have a roof rack, use the extension straps to attach the upper sleeve to the truck’s wind shield wipers. The lowered tailgate will extend only a small amount into the tent.

What Are The Material Specs Of The SUV Tent?

The bathtub floor is 120G/m² PE.
The wall material is 68D polyester.
The rainfly material is 68D polyester.
The top and side poles are fiberglass, 11mm diameter.

Jeep Products

Are the Jeep Storage Bags Waterproof?

The Jeep Storage Bags are made from PVC Coated Mesh and constructed with welded seams which form a watertight seal. They feature urethane coated zippers which are positioned so that water will run over the top of them. We call the bags weatherproof because it is almost impossible for water to enter through the zippers when attached to the Jeep. If the bags are off of the Jeep and water is allowed to pool over the zippers, it is possible for it to enter the bags.

Can the Jeep Storage Bags be used outside of the Jeep?

Yes. The Jeep Storage Bags can function like duffle bags when not attached to the Jeep. Handles and/or handle straps allow you to carry the bags wherever you want to go. If you want to use these bags to primarily carry clothing, shoes, toiletry kits, etc., they can easily replace a suitcase or overnight bag. Take them out of the Jeep to load them up and keep them attached to the Jeep for as long as you want.

Can you mount the Roll Bar Storage Bag in the horizontal position?

Yes, but we don’t advertise it that way because it can easily block your view of the road when in the horizontal position. We will leave the option of horizontal mounting up to you and your good judgment.

How much weight can you put in one of the upper compartments of the Trunk Storage Bag?

The Trunk Storage Bag has hard plastic shelves that attach by Velcro to the horizontal dividers. The shelves provide structure and support for the bag in these compartments. We recommend a maximum weight of 20 lbs. in each upper compartment if there is nothing in the lower compartments. If the lower compartments are full, the upper compartments can hold a much higher amount of weight.


Where Can I Purchase Rightline Gear Products?

Please click on our Where To Buy link. You will find available online dealers and retail locations that are close to your area.

Do You Have A Warranty For Your Products?

Yes, please click on our Product Warranty link to read the Rightline Gear one year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Where Are Your Photos Taken?

Our company is located in beautiful Asheville, NC. All of our photos are shot in our own backyard. Special thanks to Broadmoor Golf Links, Biltmore Lake Neighborhood, Southcliff Neighborhood, Asheville School and Lewis Memorial Park for the great views. Additional thanks to Skyland Auto Group, Deal Volkswagon, Sam & Dave’s Auto Sales, Anderson Nissan, Fred Anderson Toyota, Harry’s On The Hill, Asheville Ford,and Prestige Subaru for providing some great vehicles.