Sportsman’s Warehouse Adds Roanoke, VA Store

The grand opening for a new Sportsman’s Warehouse store in Roanoke, VA was Saturday May 28th. Rightline Gear’s president, Loran Evans, was able to attend the event. Loran reported that the event was very well received in the community and the store had a large amount of energy the whole morning. Loran was able to interact with the store manager, Justin Kijack, and the camping department manager, Steven Alexander.

The time spent was helpful in understanding how the Sportsman’s Warehouse customer shops and makes their decisions. Sportsman’s Warehouse has been carrying the Rightline Gear CampRight Truck Tents and SUV Tents since November, 2011.

Steven indicated that their customers appreciate the opportunity to enter into the full size tents set up on their sales floor. This process helps them envision what their camping experience will be like in the particular tent. Rightline Gear has discussed the opportunity to set up the new SUV Tent in the stores with the Sportsman’s Warehouse corporate office. Certainly the current SUV Tent with Screen Room is too large, but the new SUV Tent may fit well on the sales floor. Rightline Gear would love its customers to have the opportunity to see a SUV Tent fully set up before their purchase-what a great benefit.

We will let everyone know if this option becomes available along with the new SUV Tents.





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