Empowering Solo Camping Trip Tips for International Women’s Day

This month we celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8)! We’re showing our support for empowering women to get outdoors by providing some solo camping trip tips. These recommendations can be used by anyone, but we want women to know they are encouraged to go out on their own, too!

Here are our suggestions for your next solo camping trip.

Woman setting up an SUV Tent while solo camping
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First time solo camping

We suggest camping close to home and in range of cell service when going on your first solo trip. Camping close to home will give you the option to leave quickly in case something goes wrong. When you set up camp, make sure your car is parked in an optimal position to head out of your campsite in a hurry (back into your parking space and always keep your keys on you). As you get more comfortable going on solo trips, you may want to go somewhere farther from home. This is only recommended if you are a seasoned solo trip taker and have enough safety practices to feel confident on your own.

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Have a plan

We know camping takes planning, but when you go solo you’ve gotta have an even more in depth plan. Here are a few things to think about before leaving on your solo trip:

  • Pick the spot before you go
  • Plan your route and travel during the day if possible
  • Learn about the animals in the area/potential threats
  • Meal prep
  • Make a packing list that includes emergency essentials
    • We’ve got a bag that will hold all your gear on a solo trip! See our 4×4 Duffle Bags.

While planning your route, make sure you have plenty of gas stations along your path. You never want to go lower than half a tank while on a solo trip.

Communicating with others

Once you have your plan and where you will go, tell only trusted friends or family where you are going and what your itinerary is. If you are traveling in a place where there is little to no service, let them know when to expect to hear from you again and what to do if you do not respond. We highly recommend camping and traveling in a place where you do have cell phone service and can communicate with others in case of emergency. Do NOT tell strangers or people you meet along the way where you are going or how long you will be there. Avoid posting on social media about your whereabouts until after your trip as well.

Be ready for anything

There may be dangerous animals, weather conditions, or other humans that can present a harm to you while on your own. Be absolutely aware of your surroundings at all times. Do as much as you can for your nighttime routine or other activities that take place after dark while it is still light outside. Make sure you have defense mechanisms in place such as having mace, other weapons such as a knife, or learn some self-defense moves. Always plan for the worst and have other emergency tools on hand such as a car repair kit, solar powered charging devices for electronics, and back up navigation.

Other helpful tips

  • Use a carabiner as a lock inside of your tent at night (you can secure any carabiner to the 2 zippers on your tent doors to prevent anyone on the outside from unzipping your tent)
  • Camp in a public area
  • Make it look like you are not alone
    • Put extra clothes on lines or out in the open (i.e. having the opposite gender’s clothing out and showing)
    • Set out multiple chairs
  • Bring mace
  • If you have a dog, bring them!
  • Do your own research to keep yourself safe (there are never too many precautions you can take!)

Here’s another helpful blog post about solo camping from CVT! Check it out here.

Lastly, since you will be alone, plan for being alone. Bring a journal, face cards, camera, instrument, or other activity to keep yourself busy while enjoying your solo camp experience. Time in nature can be healing and bring us closer to our inner self. Being alone outdoors can have so many benefits and we want you to enjoy your time alone while staying safe!

Woman solo camping, lounging in her SUV Tent
Photo credit: @belovedfriday

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