Rolling Up The Rightline Gear Soft Top Window Storage Bag

Many of you have found the freedom that can be gained by having a storage solution for your Jeep’s soft top windows that allows them to easily travel with you. The Rightline Gear Soft Top Window Storage Bag holds your (3) windows (including the rear window bar) scratch-free inside the individual pockets of the neoprene window sleeve. The neoprene sleeve is rolled up, buckled tight, and slid into the Window Storage Bag. The bag is designed to tightly fit around the neoprene sleeve, keeping it from sagging or flapping in the wind. The Storage Bag attaches to your Jeep’s roll bars, behind the rear seat headrests, or behind the front seat headrests.

Some of you have mentioned trouble with rolling the neoprene sleeve tightly enough for it to fit inside of the storage bag. The following video shows how to best roll the sleeve. Please pay close attention to the step where you pull the rear window bar over the side windows’ plastic retainer clips before rolling. This simple step makes the core of the roll as small as possible and will ensure a good fit for the rolled up neoprene sleeve inside of the storage bag.

Please reach out to our customer service if you have any remaining questions.

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