Rightline Gear SUV Tent On Truck Caps

Truck caps, toppers, camper shells… whatever you call them, Rightline Gear SUV Tents have always been able to fit around them. We have never taken photos to show this setup before now (for some crazy reason?). The SUV Tent is a natural for this type of camping.

The vehicle sleeve of the SUV Tent goes around the rear of the Truck just like it goes around the rear of an SUV, minivan, crossover, wagon, etc.

110907- Truck Cap 2

The rear window of the topper raises up, the lower sleeve straps over it, and the upper sleeve is supported. The rear window functions just like the rear hatch door with the other vehicles.

110907- Truck Cap 5

The (2) longer orange straps that normally extend into the SUV will extend into the truck bed. It is easiest to attach them to the rear corner cleats of the truck bed, however, there are other places available for them to attach as well. The center orange strap attaches on or close to the rear license plate. The black outer straps attach to the same locations as they do on the other vehicles.

The most surprising thing about this set up is that the tailgate extends just a short distance into the tent itself. It will not get in your way.

110907- Truck Cap 4

Now, you can sleep in the comfort of your truck bed, hopefully with a truck bed air mattress, and still have room to stand up when putting on your jeans in the morning. The extra space can also be used to sleep additional campers. Add the SUV Tent’s rainfly and you will be protected against the elements.

110907- Truck Cap 3

The universal fit of the SUV Tent will allow it to work with any size pickup truck, F150 or Tacoma. Lifted trucks are not a problem. The SUV Tent can be left standing while you detach your truck and go about the days adventures.


Please contact us if you have any questions about this set up.

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    • Hi Chris. Thanks for writing into our blog! The SUV Tent will not fit a truck with a hard tonneau cover that well. We have heard of customers attempting it, but because the SUV Tent was not designed for this purpose, the tent’s vehicle sleeves cannot reach all the way towards the front of the bed to cover all the gap between the tonneau cover and bed. Please give us a call at 888.851.3905 if you have any further questions.

    • Hi Jim. The SUV Tent will work great on the Crosstrek. It will connect to the SUV Tent in the same manner as a larger sized SUV. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 888.685.GEAR.

    • Hi Dorin. Thanks for writing into our blog. The SUV Tent will fit most station wagons well. The fitment will be just the same as an SUV, which the included instructions cover. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at 888.685.GEAR.

  • Love your SUV tent. Hoping to use it as a cooking tent on back of my truck at the beach when camping at Assateague Island National Seashore. But will it fit?
    2021 RAM 3500 Tradesman DRW with Jeraco midsize cap. Tailgate is 36” high, 64” wide. The height of the truck is 84” from the ground.
    Anxiously awaiting your response with fingers crossed. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Torben. Thanks for writing into our blog and excellent to hear you are excited about our SUV Tent! Your truck’s height of 84″ being shorter than the height of the SUV Tent at 88″ means that it should fit your truck. If you have any additional questions please feel free to give us a call at 888.685.GEAR.

    • Hi Tod. Thanks for writing in. We’re excited to hear you are interested in the SUV Tent! Yes, your F-150 with Leer cap should work well with the SUV Tent. If you would like to ask us any additional questions, please feel free to give us a call at 888.685.GEAR.

  • I’m very interested in your truck tent for a truck with camper top. I own 2001 Dodge quadcab. Will a product you sell fit my needs??

    • Hi David. For Trucks with caps we recommend our SUV Tent part number 110907. You can see our where to buy page on our website for our list of retailers which sell Rightline Gear products. You can also give us a call directly if you have any additional questions at 888.685.GEAR.

  • Hi,
    You said that the SUV tent would fit most trucks, but wanted to confirm the 2021 Honda Ridgeline with a Regular LEER Cap.
    Also, does the seal around the truck prevent bugs from entering the tent and thus the truck area?

    • Hi Wolf. We apologize for the slow response. The SUV Tent should fit your Ridgeline with LEER Cap well. Taking time to adjust the vehicle sleeves and straps will ensure a tight seal so that bugs cannot enter. If you have any additional questions please feel free to give us a call at 888.685.GEAR.

  • HI,
    I noticed that the opening for the tent when attached to vehicle in back, is on the “drivers side”. Do you offer this SUV tent with the opening on the passenger side? Because most campgrounds are set up for privacy and picnic table area to be on the passenger side of the vehicle. I would rather go in and out of the tent from that side.

    • Hi Bonnie. Thanks for the question about our SUV Tent. We chose to put the tent entrance on the driver side to accommodate customers with Jeep Wranglers. The Wrangler tailgate swings open towards the passenger side. If the door were on the passenger side the tailgate would interfere with the entrance. If you have any additional questions please feel free to give us a call at 888.685.GEAR.

  • Christie J Cornell

    We have a 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 with a Leer 122 cap and wondered if the tent would fit it? We are hoping to be able to use it for a cross country trip that may have some stays in certain areas and be able to leave the tent up while touring during the day and come back to it evenings.

    • Hi Christie. Excellent to hear you are interested in the SUV Tent for your Truck! We have found that if the height of the cap from the ground is no taller than the SUV Tent, a little over 7′, the SUV Tent fits the truck great. Though we have had customers with lifted trucks higher than this 7′ mark have great success with the Tent as well. Please give us a call at 888.685.GEAR if you would like to discuss further.

  • I have a 2002 Ford F150 and the tent in the photos above would likely fit perfectly. Can you provide a link where I can order that exact tent? Thanks.

    • Hi Lori. We have first hand installed the SUV Tent on a GMC 2500 with cap. We generally recommend to measure from the ground to the top of your truck’s cap, and if this measurement is no taller than the SUV Tent, about 88″, the SUV Tent will fit well.

    • Hi David. Yes, the SUV Tent should have no problem fitting a Ranger with a standard cap. If you have any additional fitment questions please give us a call at 888.685.GEAR.

  • I am interested in your boot tent, but would like to be able to close up the topper in regions where hardside camping is required. What would the do to the upper attachment to the truck? Thanks.

    • Hi Bob. In order to close up your truck with a cap you would need to disconnect the SUV Tent’s upper and lower sleeves completely. The SUV Tent is designed to also be a standalone tent when a vehicle is not attached. You would simply disconnect the sleeves to close the cap.

    • Hello Tenessa. Yes, the SUV Tent will fit your Ram, but we recommend giving us a call at 888.685.GEAR to discuss the fitment. The retail price is $289.95.

  • Hello I have the Rightline Gear truck bed tent which I use with my ’85 long bed chevy that is lifted 6″. Fabulous tent, I just wish for a vestibule and I wondered if this SUV tent could be used in conjunction with the bed tent. Has Rightline or anyone tried this? Or maybe something else to make a vestibule?

    • Hi Freddie. Trucks with caps work well with our SUV Tent. Please give us a call at 888.685.GEAR and we are happy to help confirm the SUV Tent will work with your truck.

  • Hi i have a ram 1500 short bed and i have the bed tent and i was wonderind if i can connect the bed tent and the groung tent together??

  • I have a Chevy Silverado like shown in you listing. mine is a 1500 but it has 18″ tires so will the tent go to the ground. I have a standard topper level with the cab from Leonard buildings.

    • Hi Al. You should be fine to use the SUV Tent with your Silverado, but please give us a call at 888.685.GEAR and we can help you more directly. Please have the model of your topper handy and a measurement to the bottom of your bumper and top of your topper will be helpful as well.

  • Any experience using this with a Softtopper? There’s no hard lid or hatch in that case…wondering if there would be any issues with attaching the tent securely.

    • Hi Scott. The SUV Tent works best with vehicles that have a hatch. The hatch provides support for the upper sleeve of the SUV Tent. However, the SUV Tent is very universal and can attach to just about anything with a little creativity. It can most likely be attached to a soft topper. Give us a call at 888.685.GEAR if you want to discuss with us more directly.

  • have a 2007 full size 4×4 tundra with a cab high ARE truck cap. measurement is 85″ from ground to top or camper door when opened. will your suv tent on truck cap fit over my raised camper door. send me dimensions please. what is the price.

    • Hello Jim. As your Tundra is not taller than the height of the SUV Tent we feel the SUV Tent will fit your truck and truck cap. The tent’s dimensions are 8′ L x 8′ W x 7.2′ H. The price is $289.95. For any additional questions please give us a call at 888.685.GEAR.

  • most of the new Youtube videos and product videos from manufacturer show this has a single DRIVERS side tent access door. But one video we saw had a passenger side access (a 2015 video review, I believe) Is there an option? did it change? Is it only a single door – DRIVERS side accessible tent. Also, what actually is the interior dimensions of the tent including center height? Thanks

    • Hello Don. Our SUV Tent is only available with a door on the driver’s side of the tent. We chose to put the door on the driver’s side since the Jeep Wrangler tailgate swings open towards the passenger side. The Wrangler’s tailgate would block access to the tent if the door was on the passenger side. The SUV Tent 8′ long by 8′ wide and is 7.2′ tall in the center. If you have any additional questions feel free to give us a call at 888.685.GEAR.

  • I have a 2017 Toyota hilux ute with a rear fibreglass canopy, and Iam interested in purc.
    hasing the rear SUV tent. I live near Whangarei in New Zealand and need to know the price plus postage etc.

    Brendon Heathcote

  • I would like to buy your product but I have yet to see an answer published when someone asks if it will fit the truck and topper I have. I have a 2006 GMC SIerra 4 wheel Drive that has a Leer 122 topper on it. I want to know if it will fit that specific heigth of truck and topper combination.

    • Hello Patrick. Please contact our customer service team at 888.685.GEAR and we are happy to discuss the fitment of the SUV Tent with your GMC.

  • Hello interested in this tent for my 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 that has 20″ wheels and a Ranch Supreme Hi Rise Cap. I saw on some other sites about a maximum diameter that the vehicle can be was 24′ around. What is the max your tent can fit?

    • Hi Tony. Please give our customer service team a call at 888.685.GEAR and we can discuss the SUV Tent fitting to your Dodge with a tall cap.

  • We have a F250 4×4 with Leer top 122- from ground to top of cap is 7 feet 10 inches. Our retailer called your company, forgot to tell him this measurement. Will the suv tent work?

    • Hello Sue. Please give our product team a call at 888.685.GEAR and we can better discuss the fitment of the SUV Tent to your F-250.

  • I’m interested in purchasing your product but my concern is that I have a 25oo Dodge 4×4 with a topper, if the tent did not fit do to the height of my truck what is your policy for returning.

  • I got a 2012 F150 4×4 FX4 with ARE camper shell,
    Is there a problem with how high the trucks are?
    How good is it seal around the camper shell and truck bed?

    • Hello. The SUV Tent will work with most stock trucks and camper shells. For more specific questions please contact our customer service team. For reference, the truck pictured in our photos is a Chevy Silverado. The seal around the truck and camper shell is quite good, and keeps out rain and bugs well.

    • Hello. The truck pictured with a cap attached to our SUV Tent is a Chevy Silverado. Most any make and model of truck and cap will work with our SUV Tent.

  • I am looking for a camper shell boot tent as shown here. How do I get this and how much does it cost? Also, when the truck shell window is open how do you protect the tent from not getting torn by the corners of it? Thanks

    • Our SUV Tent retails for $259.95 and you can purchase from any one of our online retailers or local dealers listed on our ‘Where to Buy’ page – http://rightlinegear.com/where-to-buy.html

      As far as protection against the corners of the truck shell window, our product team did not experience any tearing issues when it was tested for this article. However, if you wanted to be extra precautious, we could certainly suggest applying foam to the corners of the window. Please give us a call if you need any further assistance with this.

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