Rightline Gear Receives Global Media Award!

For the sixth year, a panel of top automotive journalists from 15 countries throughout Asia, Europe, South Africa and South America served on the SEMA Global Media Awards (GMA) panel.

SEMA recognizes that automotive personalization and customization is growing worldwide. Though the appeal of making cars and trucks fit one’s lifestyle has strong roots in the United States, this enthusiast attitude is universal—and growing. SEMA introduced the Global Media Award program in 2004 to highlight the wide appeal to enthusiasts on every continent of specialty-equipment products that are on display at the SEMA Show.

Rightline Gear’s Roll Bar Storage Bag, part of its group of (4) new Jeep accessory products, caught the eye of Honduran Journalist Juan Carlos Cuellar of the magazine Sobre Ruedas. Juan Carlos says that off-roading, especially with the Jeep Wrangler, is very popular in his country. If you can read Spanish, check out the magazine’s web-site: http://sobreruedasamerica.com/i/.

Rightline Gear is thankful for the recognition and anxiously awaits news about what the Honduran crowd has to say about our new Jeep Storage Bags. In the meantime, we will be admiring the handsome award that we received:










Thank you Juan Carlos and thank you SEMA!


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