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Rear Car Clips are now included with all Rightline Gear Car Back Carriers (formerly Cargo Saddlebag). These Replacement Rear Car Clips can be purchased separately to replace lost Rear Car Clips or to be added to the attachment straps of any previously purchased Carrier.

Add the Rear Car Clips (Fig 1) to the side straps of the Car Back Carrier to attach the carrier to vehicles WITHOUT a roof rack (Fig 2).

Add The Rear Car Clips To The Side Strap

Place the Car Back Carrier top side up. Extend one of the long side straps out. Make sure the strap is not twisted (Fig 3 and Fig 4).

Remove the male buckle from the strap. Make sure the other parts are positioned as shown (Fig 5).

Add the Rear Car Clip and the male buckle onto the strap (Fig 6). Make sure the strap goes through the correct side of the buckle (Fig 6 Close-Up).

Run the strap back through the buckle, the Rear Car Clip, the pad, and the tri-glide (Fig 7).

Repeat all steps for the second long side strap.

Attach The Rear Car Clips To The Vehicle

Place the Rear Car Clips in the gap between the vehicle’s rear hatch door and roof (Fig 8). Make sure the protective pads are face down on the top rear corner of the vehicle (Fig 9). Buckle the long side straps into the short side straps (Fig 10), testing that the buckle is fully engaged.

Please see the Car Back Carrier Set Up Guide for additional instructions.


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