Plan An Unforgettable Spring Break Trip With Rightline Gear

You may have heard the saying, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” Well, we believe both are important! Wherever you decided to go for spring break, we are here to help you get there and back.

Road trips are a great way to experience travel because you get to see so many things along the way, you can go as far or as close as you’d like, and you can camp if preferred, saving you money! If you like stopping for what looks interesting along your adventures, road tripping will be the right choice for you.

Some tips we suggest for road trips…

  • Plan your budget
  • Choose your destination
  • Determine how you will navigate (make sure to have a back up plan if you won’t be in service to use navigation applications on your phone)
  • Build an itinerary
  • Plan time for unexpected stops
  • Be prepared
An SUV driving down a mountain road during golden hour
Photo credit: Unsplash, Grant Porter

Here’s our list of gear to help you along your road trip journey!

Car Top Carriers

A woman accessing a Car Top Carrier on the roof of her SUV

Our Car Top Carriers can hold up to 8 carry on bags+ worth of storage, meaning you won’t need to clutter your back seats or trunk with luggage. Keeping your travel necessities atop your vehicle will allow a roomier and safer space in your car for those riding with you.

Moki Step

Sandaled feet stepping up onto a Moki Step on their driver's side door

Make sure to check out our Moki Door Step to use when you need to reach your belongings you’ve stored on top of your car. This helpful tool allows you to access your vehicle’s rooftop storage easily without having to remove anything from inside or atop your car.

Center Console Trash Bag

A hand reaching back into the Center Console Trash Bag, disposing of a coffee cup

Any road trip requires snacks and occasionally the travel meal. Our Center Console Trash Bag is a must for road travels to keep wrappers, cups, napkins, and other trash in a separate space. These trash bags are reusable, have a cinch on top to keep odors from filling up your car, leak proof, and are large enough to hold trash for extended trips.

Sleeping Pads

A couple inflating their Double V Sleeping Pad in the snow

Sleeping in your car along the way to your spring break destination? These sleeping pads from Klymit fit nicely in most SUVs and don’t take up much space while stored either. Use either the Double V or Insulated Double V (for colder temperatures) to make your trip more comfortable while stopping for the night.

Luxe Pillow

A woman sleeping inside a tent, embracing and resting her head on a Luxe Pillow

To go along with an inflatable sleeping pad, take an inflatable pillow as well! This will save room in your vehicle and storage instead of using bulky pillows that take up space. The Luxe Pillow from Klymit will definitely be a comfortable option with it’s quilted cover. Use this pillow if you want to keep your packed items small yet don’t want to give up on comfort.

Orca Cooler

A bayckyard scene with two bandana-clad dogs and a pale blue Orca Cooler

Make sure your snacks are stored safely in a cooler along your journey! Any Orca cooler will keep your food cold and fresh while out on the road. With sizes ranging from 20Q to 140Q, these will fit any length of trip. Try their test to see which cooler size is best for you and your trip, “Find Your Perfect Cooler!

A woman and a dog overlooking a canyon
Photo credit: Unsplash, Patrick Hendry

Wherever you decide to go for spring break, make sure your journey is just as amazing and fun as the destination.

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