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It’s official, my Jeep’s stock antenna banged against my PIAA windshield mounted light. A common problem to find out there, but the solution was not as easy to find.

A quick Google search on “rubber antenna”, “off-road antenna”, “jeep wrangler antenna” or anything similar all came up with one main result – Antenna X Off-Road Antenna (13 inches). Well that solves it then-right? Unfortunately, the answer was no, it was not that easy!

A quick check on the product reviews on Amazon yielded the following result:

For Looks Only
“If you claim in your description that reception stays the same or improves 99.9% of the time, then I would expect that to be the case. I guess I am the 0.01%. I live 1 hour west of center city Philadelphia and every station is worse. Some of the stations that have been clear in the past will not even come in. Yes, it looks good. But the functionality is zero.”

Horrible Reception
“I live just outside Chicago, IL (which I believe has more radio stations than any other city in the nation) and Rockford, IL. After the quick install, I cannot listen to 80 percent of the stations I was able to listen to with the stock antenna. This antenna is absolute garbage and the manufacture’s claims that 99 percent of the users experience the same or improved reception is an outright fallacy! The only people that tolerate it are people that don’t even listen to the radio and just care about how it looks – or they just don’t get good reception to begin with. I read the reviews and decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, as I do with most my purchases, and I’ve never been as disappointed with a purchase as I have with this one. Believe me, I have pretty realistic expectations and honestly never bother to write a bad review, even if its really bad. However, I’ll make the exception due to their BS claims in their description. Had it not been for the description filled with lies I’d probably just eat the $20 (after shipping and handling) and toss the antenna in the trash. I would normally not return a product that is $20, but I want them to have their garbage back and I’ll put the $20 in my gas tank.”

And they just got worse from here.

But wait, there were also 5 star reviews as well:

It Looks Great, No Problems At All
“I am not sure why some people were complaining about this product. It looks great and I am getting perfect reception.. very please with the product.”

Works Great
“Bought this to replace my 2012 Wrangler Stock Antenna. Was easy to install and reception has been great. No issues at all.”

So what is a consumer to do? How can the same product be hated and loved at the same time? It is the mystery of our time! One is left to play psychologist and detective to try to determine which reviews carry the most credibility. Throwing up my hands, I decided to risk it and give this antenna a shot.

The install was super easy; unscrew the factory antenna from its base, screw in the small threaded bolt (provided in kit) into the bottom of the Antenna X, and screw the Antenna X into the factory base. It looked great and solved the problem of the antenna hitting the light right off the bat.


Now to test the reception. Luckily I had a (2) hour drive through some backwoods parts of North Carolina planned. I found the reception to be identical to the factory antenna, both in the city and in the remote areas. I could not tell any difference what-so-ever. My “gamble” paid off, completely happy with this purchase.

I don’t have any advice to pass along concerning product reviews, but it sure does make you crazy! I wholeheartedly vouch for this product and hope the reviews get better!



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