Happy National Jeep Day from Rightline Gear! Celebrate With Us.

April 4th, or 4/4, is National Jeep 4×4 Day! This is a day for fans of Jeeps to celebrate their love of the brand. We’ve got a few ideas for you to honor your favorite vehicle!

Photo by Josh Duke on Unsplash

Show your Jeep some love

Take some time on National Jeep Day to give your car a good wash. Give it a luxurious bath to get it ready for your spring adventures. Good detailing will make it easier to clean your vehicle throughout the season. Then, while on the go, we suggest using a WaterPORT water tank to rinse off any mud or other substances. These tanks come in various sizes that you can mount to your Jeep. WaterPORT tanks are made from BPA free plastic, so you can also use them to store drinking water, too!

Get your vehicle some new gear

Here at Rightline Gear we have some specialty products for Jeeps that will benefit your journeys. These storage methods make the most of the space within your vehicles. We suggest checking out the following products.

Jeep storage bags

These bags come in different sizes to fit various parts of your Jeep! Ranging from roll bar storage to trunk and side storage areas. Check which fit is best for your specific Jeep by looking at the specifications.

Jeep soft top window storage

Does your Jeep have a soft top? This is the perfect option for you! The soft top storage bag can be stored in multiple areas on your vehicle, depending on which location works best for you.

4×4 duffle bags

Compatible with any Jeep, you can use this duffle for any trip, day or overnight. These bags are weatherproof and can be stored outside your vehicle on the roof, hitch rack, cargo basket, and more.

Adjustable spare tire cover

Our tire cover fits any tire sized at 27”-35”. Made from durable material to keep out dirt, rain, and sun, you can be sure your spare will be protected for longer.

Take your Jeep on a road trip

Day trip, overnighter, overlanding, you decide! You know your Jeep is itching to get out on the dirt roads. Here are a few suggestions for making sure your trip is comfy on your stops as well.

A group of friends take their two Jeeps on an overlanding adventure for National Jeep Day

Klymit Switchback Chair

The perfect option for lounging around a fire or while enjoying a beautiful lookout, you will want to bring this chair on any outdoor adventure!

Horizon Travel Blanket

The Horizon Travel Blanket is the ideal companion for your car travels. Lightweight and packs down small, this blanket can be stored anywhere in your vehicle. This blanket has four corner stake locations to keep it in place while you have a picnic or whatever you choose!

Everglow Light Tube

The Everglow Light Tube will be your favorite accessory in your vehicle. You’ll always have a light source when you need it with these, and they include magnets and a strap to connect to the inside of your vehicle. Compatible with USB power sources.

Share what you did for National Jeep Day with us! Comment below or tag us on social media!

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