Cargo Saddlebag Bottom Pole Frame Difficult to Assemble?

As part of our Mission Statement, we at Rightline Gear strive to have “A self awareness and transparency in areas that we need to grow.”

Transparency includes sharing with you the areas where we have made mistakes and the measures we have taken to correct them.  Below are a couple of issues that were encountered with a limited number of Cargo Saddlebags.

1.  In our July 2013 production, the welds inside the t-shaped junctions on our Cargo Saddlebag were too thick. The increase in wall thickness made it difficult for the pole segments to slide into the junctions.

Pole Junction Assembly

Solution: Affected customers were sent replacement junctions.

2.  Some of our customers have reported rust accumulation on the inside ends of the Cargo Saddlebag bottom pole frame segments.

Rust Inside Pole

Solution: While this problem has not consistently been an issue over the life of the Saddlebag, we want to eliminate it completely. Extra measures are being taken in production to prevent rust from forming in this area. We are happy to send our customers replacement pole segments if their pole segments have a rust issue.

If you have signs of rust inside the ends of your pole frame segments, you can also solve the problem yourself. First, sand the inside of the pole segment ends to remove the rust. Next, spray Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel or equivalent inside the pole segment ends to keep rust from coming back.

Sanding Inside Of Pole

If you have purchased a Cargo Saddlebag and something is not working 100% correctly for you, please contact our Warranty Department at 888.685.GEAR or complete the Warranty Service Questionnaire.

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