• Center Console Trash Bag

  • Contains Cups, Napkins, and More

  • Quick Release Attachment

  • Drawstring Closure

  • Leakproof Handling

Center Console Trash Bag

Accessible From Front and Rear Seats!

The Center Console Trash Bag contains your trash and the smells that go along with it with its drawstring top closure. You can trust its leakproof protection when dealing with drink cups, banana peels, napkins, fast food wrappers, or baby wipes while on the go. Its large size is perfect for extended road trips and family outings.  

Center Console Trash Bag

The quick release buckle strap attaches the Bag securely to the center console of your vehicle. This location places the bag at the rear passengers' foot level rather than at their head level as with most other trash bags.

Just like Rightline Gear’s Car Top Cargo Bags, the Trash Bag is constructed with welded seams and durable PVC Semi-Coated Mesh material.

The Rightline Gear Center Console Trash Bag takes managing garbage inside the vehicle to the next level. Unlike cheap alternatives that only attach behind the headrests, the Bag is designed to fit behind the center console, making it easily accessible from the front and rear seats. In addition, the Bag’s superior construction creates a leakproof seal, so you don't need to worry about spills or adding trash liners. Whether you multi-task on your commute, drive professionally, or travel for leisure, gear up with a better overall solution so you can spend more time doing what you love.

» Dimensions: 11.75" W x 6" D x 16" H
» Large size is perfect for extended road trips and family outings 
» Accessible from front and rear seats
» Straps to the vehicle’s center console (or headrests)
» Leakproof with welded seam construction
» Made from sturdy PVC Semi-Coated
Mesh for long lasting durability
» Drawstring top contains trash and smells
» Includes: bag and set up guide

MSRP $19.95