Cargo Saddlebag Pole Frame Coming Out of Pole Pockets?

As part of our continual effort to improve our products based on customer feedback, we redesigned our Cargo Saddlebag in September 2012.  One major design change was to replace the hard plastic insert in the bottom of the carrier with a metal pole frame that would provide better structure and support.  We are sorry to say that a few mistakes were made in the initial production of the new Cargo Saddlebag.

Bottom Pole Frame

1.  In our March 2013 production, the pole pockets were sewn too far apart on a small number of units.  This problem caused the pole frame’s ends to come out of the pole pockets on one side.

Pole Slipping Out Of Pole Pocket

Solution:  Affected customers were sent (2) extra-long pole segments that made the overall pole frame long enough to stay within the pole pockets.

2.  Some customers have had the bottom pole frame push the Velcro pole pockets open.  This problem makes it possible for the pole frame’s ends to come out of the sewn pole pockets on the opposite side.

Pole Extending Past Velcro SleevePole Slipping Out Of Pole Pocket

Solution: In June 2014, the length of the Velcro pole pocket’s tab was increased, giving it more power to remain closed. Secondly, the pole guides were moved closer to the Cross Pole/Junction Assembly, preventing the pole frame from sliding far enough to push the Velcro pole pockets open in the first place. Finally, the length of the pole pockets and the pole guides were increased to better hold the pole frame in place.

For customers that have a Cargo Saddlebag produced before this time period, a simple solution to this problem is to run a zip tie around the Velcro pole pockets to hold them closed. We recommend attaching the zip tie after installing the bottom pole frame, but before loading the carrier.


If your Cargo Saddlebag is not working 100% correctly please contact our Warranty Department at 888.685.GEAR or complete the Warranty Service Questionnaire.

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