Make the Most of Holiday Travel with These Tips

There are many things to consider while traveling during the holiday season, and we’re here to help you before you get on the road! Traveling during the holidays can be a little hectic, and we have some suggestions to make it easier for you.

Before You Go…

First things first, make sure you are preparing for safety! Long road trips can be subject to adverse weather conditions, traffic, and possibly days of travel. We suggest getting a survival kit ready in case you are taking multiple day road trips through middle-of-nowhere locations. This kit can include a first aid kit, small shovel, flashlights, emergency blankets, sand or cat litter for traction in snowy conditions, toilet paper, and snacks.

Other safety precautions include making sure your vehicle is up to date on maintenance. You never want to get stranded anywhere because your oil wasn’t changed!

Another safety tip we have for you is to carry luggage on top of your car, as this can help mitigate items from sliding around in your vehicle. A great option for carrying your luggage outside of the vehicle is our Car Top Carrier, which we have listed below with some other recommendations.

Jeep with Car Top Carrier, Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Must-Haves:

  1. Car Top Carrier
    Our Car Top Carriers come in multiple sizes, the 3, 2, and Jr. We suggest using the Sport, Range, or Ace in any size for SUVs and Minivans with a roof rack*. If you have a Crossover vehicle, use the Sport 2, Range 2, or Ace 2. Any Wagon, Sedan, or Compact vehicles should use the Jr size of the Car Top Carriers. Our Car Top Duffle Bag works with any size of vehicle.

    Please always test your Car Top Carrier with your vehicle before taking it on long road trips.

    *We suggest for Minivans without a roof rack that you only use the Car Back Carrier option; our Car Top Carriers’ Car Clips are not compatible with sliding doors.
  2. Moki Step
    Wondering how you will get to that Car Top Carrier all the way on top of your car? No worries, we’ve got you! The Moki Step is great for reaching and adjusting car top storage, ski gear, and more. Lightweight and easy to use, you’ll want this for quick access to your vehicle’s roof.
  3. Center Console Trash Bag
    Long road trips call for snacks, we all know this one! A great way to take care of the aftermath is with our Center Console Trash Bag. This bag is 11.75” x 6” x 16” giving you plenty of space to put trash along your trip. This bag is reusable, leakproof, and accessible to everyone in the car.
  4. Klymit Blankets & Drift Camp Pillow
    Maybe as the driver you won’t need as comfy of a drive (please do not drive drowsy), but the rest of your passengers may just want to take a nap! Our favorite Klymit blankets and pillows are listed here to keep your road trip cozy. For a cozy, fleece-lined option, we recommend the Versa Luxe Blanket; and if you don’t want to leave your comfy pillow at home but don’t want to get it dirty, the Drift Camp Pillow Case is the perfect option for you and is machine washable!
Mother and daughter sleeping on SUV Mattress, Holiday Travel Tips

If you like to have a more robust travel plan including car camping along the way, we have your back!

For Rugged Travels:

  1. 4×4 Duffel Bag
    Perfect for storing in cargo baskets, truck beds, and on roof tops. Easily transport the 4×4 Duffel Bag with the shoulder strap or by using the side handles. These Weatherproof bags can hold all your camping supplies and more!
  2. SUV Air Mattress
    If you’re traveling in your SUV and need to stop for a nap or a night’s rest, the SUV Air Mattress is the way to go! With a universal fit and “T” shape, this mattress goes great in any SUV. Comes with air pump which connects to the cigarette lighter in your vehicle.
  3. Running Door Mat
    Traveling during the holidays can include wetter weather conditions, meaning more dirt and mud on your journey. Keep your vehicle clean from those side adventure messes by using our Running Board Door Mats! These can be easily cleaned after use, just rinse with soap and water.
  4. Orca Cooler
    Make sure you keep your snacks and road trip meals fresh with an Orca Cooler. Especially with multi-day road trips, you’re going to want to store some food! These coolers come in multiple sizes to fit your family’s needs as you travel.
  5. Nest Sleeping Bag Liner
    Klymit’s Nest Liners provide extra warmth and comfort for your sleeping bag during cold months. Make sure to check out the Nest Liner for Cold Weather when planning for car camping along your holiday road trip.

    P.S. Check out these Cold Weather Camping Tips from our friends at Klymit for some helpful pointers if you’re planning on setting up an overnight camp on your way to and from your destination, and find even more guidance on packing essentials and back-up plans here, courtesy of Cascadia Vehicle Tents.

Whether you have a 12 hour or multi-day road trip planned, having the essentials, plus some necessary comforts, is key to ensuring an enjoyable and safe adventure!

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