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  • I purchased an 18 cu rooftop carrier because of an unexpected need while helping a relative move from San Diego, CA to Norfolk, VA. Someone discouraged me, telling me that a soft-top carrier would not make it that distance. They also told me it would leak. I felt the person was trying to upsell me to a hard carrier which I would not be able to store once back at home.
    The carrier performed beautifully. Everything, including military uniforms arrived in Norfolk dry and undamaged. I am glad I made the purchase and even my husband, who was dead set against any carrier was happy we made the purchase and is now a convert to this particular carrier.
    After arriving in Virginia, we realized we lost the stuff sack for the carrier during our travels. Corey of Rightline Gear was, pleasant, helpful and efficient in helping me obtain a replacement. I had it within two days. Great Company!

    • Hi Marienne. Thanks for writing into our blog. Awesome to hear you had a great experience with the Car Top Carrier! We definitely agree that our Car Top Carriers are a nice alternative to a full hard shell set up. Excellent to hear Corey got you squared away with another stuff sack. Please feel free to reach out to us if you ever need any assistance!

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