Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring With Rightline Gear Cargo Products

Whether you are just starting to get your spring garden ready or you are fixing up your yard for a new season, we are here to help make it easier for you to get all your tools, soil, and more to and from your home.

Getting the right equipment for your gardening needs is one thing but hauling it all is another! For every task you need to take care of for your yard this spring, we’ve got gear to help.

Man reaching for his lawn equipment in the bed of his truck

Clean Up

The first step in getting your spring garden ready is to get that yard cleaned up post winter. After snow, rain, and cold weather has impacted the soil and resulted in soggy leaves, broken branches, and more, it’s important to clear your yard of unwanted objects. 

Try using our Bungee Cargo Net to haul any trash and keep it from flying out of your truck bed. Also see our Cargo Dry Bags for hauling any loose soil or other debris as necessary.

Tune Up

This is the best time to make sure that your landscaping equipment is up to par. Check your other handheld tools to ensure they are cleaned, sharpened, and oiled accordingly. You’ll want to check on any gas-powered equipment for tune ups and take them in for repair if necessary. 

We suggest using our Ratchet Straps for securing equipment in your trailers or trucks.


After cleaning your yard and tuning up your equipment, it’s time to start working with the earth! Most garden beds will need compacted soil to be loosened and possibly topped off with fresh soil. Mulch and fertilizer are also great items to stock up on for the coming season. 

When hauling new soil, mulch, or fertilizer we recommend using the Truck Bed Cargo Net with Built in Tarp to keep your items secure from the elements while traveling.


Once your yard is prepped, it’s time to start buying flowers and other greenery. This is the best part, and we want you to have an easy enough time getting your plants home safely! Use our Adjustable Cargo Bar for ensuring your flowers, trees, and other potted plants stay securely in place.

A great option to use while kneeling or working in the yard for long hours is Klymit’s V Seat. This inflatable seat can be used anywhere to keep you comfortable while sitting or kneeling for some time. 

For those of you who have a smaller garden or live in a more urban area, check out WaterPORT’s GoSpout water tank. This is a portable 2 gallon tank made of BPA free plastic and is a great option for watering window gardens!

What other ways will you use your Rightline Gear Cargo Products to help with gardening this year?

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