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Foam Block Kayak Carriert

Attaches WITH or WITHOUT a Roof Rack using innovative new strap design!

The Rightline Gear Foam Block Kayak Carrier attaches to vehicles WITH or WITHOUT a roof rack. Attach the carrier’s straps to a vehicle’s roof rack or use the Car Clips to attach the straps to a vehicle’s door frame weather molding. This Carrier does not require its straps to run through the inside of the vehicle!

The Kayak Carrier’s Dual Lock Straps secure the Foam Blocks to rack or roof so they don’t shift during transport. The same straps run back over the top to secure the kayak to the Foam Blocks for increased stability. This design represents a huge improvement over the previous generation of carriers that relied on downward pressure from straps over the kayak to keep the foam blocks in place. The Rightline Gear Foam Blocks also have a v-shaped top to safely cradle the kayak.

Rubber guards protect the vehicle and kayak from the metal cam buckles on the straps. Use the included Mesh Carry Bag to easily store the Foam Block Kayak Carrier in your garage or vehicle between uses.

The Rightline Gear Foam Block Kayak Carrier solves all of the problems associated with past foam pad carriers. Why shouldn’t getting your boat to the water be this easy?

  • Capacity: (1) Kayak
  • Designed for all vehicles, WITH or WITHOUT a roof rack
  • Foam Blocks strap to rack or roof so they don’t shift during transport; Kayaks strap to Foam Blocks for increased stability
  • With a roof rack: Foam Blocks fit aero, square, and round cross bars
  • Without a roof rack: cross bar cutouts remain in Foam Blocks for extra support
  • Includes: (2) foam blocks, (2) dual lock straps, (4) car clips, (2) kayak end straps, mesh carry bag and set up guide.
Retail Price: $44.95
Part No. 100K10

Set Up: