Flame Resistant Tents

Camping and fire safety are two topics that are inseparable. In addition to thinking about  camp fire safety, the flame resistance of your tent is also important.

We all know that it is necessary to keep all sources of heat and flame away from your tent, but sometimes mistakes happen. We want our tents to be safe in the case of a fire related accident. Flame resistance is a term that is used to describe a reduced fire hazard in a fabric, and it is different from being fireproof. There are no fabrics that are truly fireproof, even those that are chemically treated for use in a fire fighters suit.

The US standard for camping tent flame resistance is known as CPAI-84. This standard  requires that fabric, when it is exposed to a flame for twelve seconds will not burn for more than 4 seconds after the flame is removed. It also requires that the hole caused by the flame will not grow past three and a half inches in diameter. We test our tent fabric to make sure it meets or exceeds the full requirements of CPAI-84.

In addition, our tents also meet the Health Canada’s Consumer  Product Safety Program’s Hazardous Products (Tents) Regulations.  This standard requires that not only our polyester tent fabric , but also our no-see-um mesh and lightweight breathable polyester material (that are exempt under CPAI-84) meet the same test requirements of CPAI84.

Please look for fire resistant information on the warning label inside all of the Rightline Gear Tents.

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