Expressing Our Gratitude: A Letter from Team RLG

It is now November, meaning it’s a month of gratitude. We want to take some time to thank you for involving Rightline Gear in your lives. At Rightline Gear, we are grateful for the opportunities to share our products with you all to help you create the best experiences you can have while getting from point A to point B. We hope you can find all the reasons for why you are grateful this season as well!

We asked a few of those who support you most at Rightline Gear to share why they are grateful this holiday season.

I’m Grateful For: Changing Seasons 🍂

“With the Holidays upon us and the New Year just around the corner, I can’t help but be reminded of the seasonality of life. Just as the falling leaves and winter snow promise to bring about spring blooms and summer sunshine, we can be sure that the changing seasons in our own lives will bring us change and new growth – and that fills me with gratitude and hope.”

– Liz Wyatt, Creative Director

I’m Grateful For: State, Local, & National Parks 🏞

“When asked what you are thankful for, the mind’s first thought can be to ‘give thanks’ to a person or group of people, but we often overlook those special places or destinations that mean so much to us.  This year I am reminded how grateful I am for our state, local, and national park systems. Mother nature’s beauty is on full display at these wonderful locations and whether it’s a hike up the mountain, a paddle downstream, or just a breath of fresh air at the scenic overlook, ‘Gathr’ Outdoors and enjoy life the way God intended!”

– Corey Racer, Orders Manager

I’m Grateful For: Togetherness 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

“There’s not a day that passes that I’m not thankful for the flexibility that comes from working for a company that anchors itself to being ‘Together Outside.’ As a family that loves the outdoors, often my work, family time, and rest time happily merge into one – whether it be while testing product, capturing photography, or simply pondering new ideas for the Rightline Gear brand.”

– Sean Reilly, Product Manager

I’m Grateful For: Friendship 🤝

“I’m grateful to have the best friends anyone can ask for. Grateful for all the shenanigans we did in the past and the adventures that we have planned for the future. Cheers to the friends who’ve become family.”

– Randy Chesson, Accountant

I’m Grateful For: Connections 🌎

“I am grateful for connections. I’m profoundly thankful for my family, the world around us, and the moments that leave memories in our hearts.”

– Lisa Gantt, Supply Planner

I’m Grateful For: Family & Fur Babies 🐶

“I am extremely grateful to have 4 wonderful loving children and 8 beautiful grandchildren that I am still able to share in their lives though they live many states away. I am also grateful that I have my 5 fur babies, so my home never feels empty.”

– Michelle Sparrow, Orders Specialist

We hope you have a happy holiday season and thank you again for supporting Rightline Gear!

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