Custom Painting Part 2 For Rightline Gear SEMA 2015 Jeep Build

I enjoyed the painting involved in our Custom Painting Part 1 so much that there was just bound to be a sequel. I wasn’t sure I was ready for the fumes again, however, and just as importantly, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the inevitable complaints from all of those within smelling distance of the spraying. None-the-less, I was ready to embark on Custom Painting Part 2.

This time, I had many pieces to paint, some metal and some plastic, so I needed a good plan. Starting on a Saturday morning, I laid out the work in front of me. As you can see, my recommendation is to be almost all the way through a bottle of Dr. Pepper before beginning.


After rubbing the plastic parts with the white ‘Scotch Brite’ type pad, I used an adhesive promoter and then an aerosal primer to prep them for painting.


I sanded the metal parts with a 600 grit paper and painted them with the 2 part epoxy primer used previously (2 coats). This time, my folding table spray booth was moved much closer to the back door of our warehouse and a portable fan turned on right away. After the primer cured, I gave the plastic parts another rub down with the pad and the metal parts a going over with the sand paper.

Along with my daughter (who has no interest in Jeeps, but was up for a fun couple hours of painting with her Dad), we took turns spraying the parts the Rightline Gear orange color.



Once again, we were using the already reduced paint from Motor Parts of Asheville and like with the epoxy primer, used the Preval Sprayer. The base coat went on thin on both the metal and the plastic parts, taking (5) to (6) coats for completion. The color came out perfect, however, and became even more vivid once the clear coat was applied ((2)-(3) coats).


The plastic parts painted were the (4) AC vent rings, the (2) door handle accent pieces, the dash Jeep logo-ed accent piece, the inside tailgate vent, and (7) Rugged Ridge Grill Inserts. The metal parts painted were (4) OR-FAB shackles and (4) vents for the Rugged Ridge Performance Vented Hood. Add to it the PIAA windshield light mounts and the Hi-Lift Jack handle completed in Custom Painting Part 1 and that ought to give the Jeep some pop!

I just needed another Dr. Pepper (a different kind of pop) and some fresh mountain air to make it a wrap.




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