Cargo Saddlebag Pole Frame Push Buttons Hard To Depress?

In our initial production of the Cargo Saddlebag, some of the push buttons that lock in the bottom pole frame connection were reported broken. Our QC department checked into the issue and found that it was possible for the buttons to break at their hinge.

Pole ButtonsPole Buttons

Solution: After our initial production, the push buttons were fabricated with a more durable metal. Affected customers were sent new buttons.

Some of our customers asked if it was possible to make the stronger buttons easier to depress.

Solution: The push buttons were made with a better balance between strength and pliability in our June 2014 production.

If the buttons on your Cargo Saddlebag’s bottom pole frame are difficult to push, you can lighten their tension.

First, depress the button (Fig 1) and use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove it from the pole segment (Fig 2).

Depress Button Remove Button With Pliers

Next, press the sides of the button together at the fold until the button becomes easier to depress (Fig 3).  Replace the button in the pole segment (Fig 4). You may need to use the needle nose pliers to align the button with its hole.

Adjust ButtonReplace Button






If your Cargo Saddlebag is not working 100% correctly please contact our Warranty Department at 888.685.GEAR or complete the Warranty Service Questionnaire.

Push the button

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