• Cargo Dry Bags Standing in Truck Bed

  • Bags Tie Down to Truck Bed

  • Roll Top Closure

  • Cargo Dry Bags in Hitch Rack

  • Heavy Duty Straps

  • Stuff Sack

  • Compatible with Bed Extenders

Cargo Dry Bags

Adjustable Size 100% Waterproof Storage for Your Truck Bed or Hitch Rack!

Unlike rigid rectangular truck chests, Rightline Gear Cargo Dry Bags are designed to accommodate large, odd-shaped gear with their convenient roll-down top that adjusts the bag to the size of your load, and quickly creates a waterproof seal when you secure the bag's quick release buckle.

Each bag is constructed of cut, tear, and abrasion resistant Para-ShieldTM material, with tape sealed seams to keep your gear secure, clean, and 100% dry.

Heavy duty straps secure the bags in place. After use, the bags fold down into a small stuff sack that can conveniently be stored behind or beneath the vehicle’s seats.

» Capacity: 17 cu ft each bag
» Dimensions: 30" L x 20" W x 55" H each bag
» (2) bags fit side-by-side on truck beds and most hitch racks
» Includes: (2) bags, (4) attachments straps, stuff sack, and set up guide

MSRP $54.95