• Adjustable Cargo Bar

  • Cargo Bar in Truck Bed

  • Cargo Bar in SUV

  • Ratcheting Mechanism

  • Rotating Rubber Foot

  • Great for Sporting Equipment

  • Convenient for Travel

  • Secures Landscaping Supplies

Adjustable Cargo Bar

Adjustable Ratcheting Action Secures Any Size Load!

The ratchet of the Cargo Bar lets you adjust its length and tension.

The Bar is versatile enough to fit most SUVs' rear cargo areas, so you can prevent your stuff from sliding around here too.

Nothing is more annoying than stuff sliding around in a truck bed. Prevent hazardous distractions with the Adjustable Cargo Bar. It's tough enough to keep your gear in place, and can be adjusted to use with truck beds of any size. From hauling heavy equipment to transporting recreational gear and groceries, the Cargo Bar provides the peace of mind you need to ditch those other complicated solutions and gear up with confidence.

» 43"-75" L; rubber pads: 3.0" W x 2.4" H
» Silver and black coated outer bar; zinc plated inner bar
» Adjustable length bar fits all truck beds; full size, mid size and compact.
» Fits rear cargo areas of SUVs, minivans, and crossovers
» Includes: cargo bar and set up guide

MSRP $44.95