Car Top Duffle Bag Reviewed by Major Pandemic

Major is a product review website,  The editor notes “Knowing many people and how unprepared they are even to cook a meal during a power outage frustrates me… yes we have become a nation of people who understand little about the basics of survival in the home and outdoors in even the most accommodating of situations. It is my hope this site can provide relevant information and reviews of some great products I find along my own learning journey related to enjoying the outdoors, hunting, shooting, general survival basics and even how to prepare and defend your home.”

Rightline Gear has received much interest from similarly minded folks over the last few years. Our Pop Up Tent has been sought out by those wanting a campsite in an instant should any unexpected circumstance arise. Those on coastlines have kept a car top carrier packed full of the essentials should a storm effect a quick evacuation. has reviewed our Car Top Duffle Bag, noting its use in the even more basic capacity of a 100% waterproof duffle bag. We recommend checking out his review, and his online magazine. You may pick up a thing or two about innovative products and their various uses.

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