Why Can’t I Zip The Door Closed On My Rightline Gear Truck Tent?

Customers all over the world are enjoying Rightline Gear Truck Tents. Here at our home base in Asheville, North Carolina, we are extremely proud of the quality of our (8) different sizes of Truck Tents. Each Truck Tent size has been continuously improved over the years to give the best fitment possible to all makes and models of trucks.

Because of our Truck Tent’s floorless design, correct positioning and adjustment during set up is critical for the tent to attach and function properly. Non-warranty damage may also occur if the Truck Tents are installed improperly. We have detailed some positioning tips in a previously written blog article titled ‘Rightline Gear Truck Tent Positioning Tips’ which can be found here: http://rightlinegear.com/blog/truck-tent-tips/rightline-gear-truck-tent-positioning-tips/ These tips still hold true, and in this article we would like to discuss a common sign that indicates a Rightline Gear Truck Tent being installed incorrectly.

One clear indicator that a Truck Tent is installed incorrectly is if the door cannot be zipped closed. When the side straps of the Truck Tent are pulled too tight, the Inner Side Flap Seam gets pulled down too far from the top edge of the truck bed. The Inner Side Flap Seam positioning is discussed in the ‘Rightline Gear Truck Tent Positioning Tips’ blog article and it is also discussed in the Truck Tent’s set up guide. Please see the below photo:









When the Inner Side Flap Seam (red line) is not lined up with the top edge of the truck bed (green line) the tent is positioned downward so that the door stretches wider than the zipper allows. Below is a photo showing this issue when looking straight at the tent’s door:











It is clear to see that the door cannot be zipped closed. To correct this issue, please follow the tips presented in ‘Rightline Gear Truck Tent Positioning Tips’ and the set up guide to position the Inner Side Flap Seam so that it is lined up with the top edge of the truck bed:









This will ensure the Truck Tent is installed correctly and that the door will zip closed. For additional questions please give us a call at 888.685.GEAR.


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