Best Gear For Your Fall Camping Trip

A woman uses Moki Step on fall camping road trip to access her vehicle's rooftop storage box
Instagram user @its_ann_calling prepares for autumn adventures with their Moki Step.

The heat of the summer has passed, and it’s time for colder temperatures and changing leaves. While summer is the peak of the camp season, fall camping also has a lot to offer. With colorful views and chillier weather, it has the potential to be the perfect months to spend time outdoors. Let’s take a look at some great gear to stock up on before your next fall trip. 

Rightline Truck Tent 

Truck Tent pitched on the bed of a silver Jeep Gladiator truck

As we head into fall, the weather is more variable. It may be best to find alternatives to traditional tent camping to avoid sleeping on the damp, cold ground. The Rightline Truck Tent elevates your fall camping experience. Setting up camp is easy, and the floorless design offers a way for you to keep your belongings inside the truck bed while assembling the tent. Complete with gear pockets, an overhead lantern hook, and glow in the dark zipper pulls, you’ll camp with ease as the nights get longer. 
The Rightline Truck Tent comes in a variety of sizes to fit your truck’s bed. Find out more about the Truck Tent here.  If you own an SUV instead, check out the SUV Tents available that best fit your favorite adventure vehicle.

Cargo Dry Bags

Two cargo dry bags strapped to the bed of a silver truck

Packing for a weekend of fall camping? There is a possibility of precipitation and cooler temperatures, so make sure your gear stays dry with the Cargo Dry bags. These 17 cubic feet dry bags make it easy to haul your camp gear out and back without getting wet. Perfect for truck beds and hitch racks, these cargo bags get you the extra waterproof storage you need during autumn trips. 

Two dry bags and heavy-duty straps are included, and you can check here for more information

SUV Air Mattress

An SUV with the rear hatch open to display an inflated mattress in the trunk of the vehicle

Trying to stay warm by sleeping in your vehicle? The SUV Air Mattress is designed to fit SUV cargo areas. Made with “T” shape and O-beam support, this air mattress ensures you’ll get a good night’s rest while camping in your car. Quickly pump up the bed with the included 12V Air Pump, as the Easy Inflate Valve stops air from escaping once the pump is removed. Achieve peak car camping comfort by adding the SUV air mattress to your fall travel list. 

See if the SUV Air Mattress dimensions fit your vehicle here. Looking for a mattress to use in the back of a truck bed? Check out the Truck Bed Air Mattresses from Rightline here.  

Moki Step

Person standing on the Moki Step with both feet to access their vehicle's roof

Whether you’re packing a roof cargo box, setting up your rooftop tent, or securing your bike rack, your fall trip is easy if you have the Moki Step on hand. The Moki Step is a universal door step that connects to your vehicle’s door latch and allows you to access the roof. It prevents dirty shoes from ruining your seats, and cuts out the need for bulky step stools and ladders.The Moki Step can be stored in your car or truck year round. 

Learn more about the Moki Step here.

4×4 Duffle Bag 

Two 4x4 duffle bags tied to the rooftop basket of a silver vehicle

Due to dropping temps, you may need to pack a little extra sleeping gear, jackets, fuel and other camp items. Keep it all together with the 4×4 Duffle Bags, which are available in 60L or 120L. This duffel bag is built with a tough PVC Coated Mesh, welded seams, and urethane coated zippers to protect your camping cargo. 

The Duffel Bags are great for your trunk, roof top, hitch rack or truck bed. See all the features of the 4×4 Duffles here.

SUV Tailgating Canopy

A couple camping beneath their SUV canopy which is attached to the rear hatch of their vehicle

When you want some cover from the fall weather, we recommend bringing along the SUV Canopy. This attaches to your vehicle to create a space for cooking or hanging out at camp. The canopy is easy to set up, and can be secured using included sand bags. The SUV Canopy is the best way to shade or shield your campsite from the variable fall conditions. 

Learn more about the SUV Canopy here. Drive a truck? Truck Canopies are also available to fit a truck bed instead. 

Whether you’re looking to take a peek at the autumnal colors or you’re trying to hold onto your favorite summer activity, we hope you enjoy your fall adventures! Happy (fall) camping!

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