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PVC Semi-Coated Mesh Material

The Ace Car Top Carrier is made from our PVC Semi-Coated Mesh, a polyester re-enforced PVC. The polyester grid inside the PVC gives it added strength and makes the material resistant to tears or cuts. PVC Semi-Coated Mesh is waterproof and perfect for use in a cargo bag as it can be welded to form watertight seams.

PVC Semi-Coated Mesh remains flexible in extremely hot or cold temperatures. It is rated at UPF50 for UV protection, which means it blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. The attractive black color will not fade over time. All of our logos are screen printed on the material and sealed in place. It is difficult to find a durable material that can fold down small for storage, but PVC Semi-Coated Mesh meets the challenge.

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