Which Rightline Gear Cargo Carrier is Right For My Minivan?

All minivans on the market today have sliding doors, which makes this question a little more complex than it normally would be.

With a Roof Rack

If your minivan has a Roof Rack, you can attach any one of our Rightline Gear Car Top Carriers as shown in our Carrier Fit Guide.  The carrier’s straps will loop around the roof rack side rails, cross bars, or both to hold the carrier in place.

Without a Roof Rack – A Problem

Here is where it gets tricky. When you do not have a roof rack, we have two methods to attach a car top carrier, running the straps through the vehicle and our Car Clips. Whether your sliding door is automatic or manual, the door will get bound up in the straps when using our ‘Through The Vehicle’ method and it will knock the clips out of place when using our ‘Car Clips’ method as shown below.

Car top Carrier strap blocking the Honda Odyssey sliding door


Through The Vehicle





Car top cargo carrier car clip blocking the Honda Odyssey sliding door track



Car Clips




The bottom line is that no car top cargo bag on the market today can attach to minivans without a roof rack.

Without A Roof Rack – A Solution

We are proud to say that Rightline Gear has a cargo bag solution that can work on minivans without a roof rack. Our Cargo Saddlebag attaches to the rear of the minivan to hold 13 cu ft of gear (more than our mid-size Sport 1 Carrier) using the Saddlebag Car Clips which attach the carrier’s straps to the gap between the minivan’s roof and the rear hatch door.

Cargo Saddlebag sqCar Clip







The Saddlebag is 100% waterproof and rests on the back of your vehicle.  Rightline Gear  patented the Saddlebag, so we are the only company that offers this type of cargo carrier.  The Cargo Saddlebag has the added benefit of saving ~5 mpg over car top carriers, and it’s easier to access while you’re traveling.

Please contact us with any questions you have about using our car back carrier on your minivan.

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