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Add the Rightline Gear Car Clips (Fig 1) to (2) straps of any Rightline Gear Car Top Carrier. The Car Clips allow the carrier to be attached to the door frames of vehicles WITHOUT a roof rack (Fig 2). Car Clips come standard with the Sport Jr Carrier and the Car Top Duffle Bag.

Add The Car Clips To A Carrier’s Strap

Place the first strap buckle-side down (Fig 3). Run the strap’s loop-end (without twisting the strap) through the back side of a Car Clip (Fig 4).

Run the opposite end of the strap through this loop-end (Fig 5 and Fig 6).

Continue to pull the strap so that it tightens around the Car Clip (Fig 7).

Repeat these steps for the opposite end of the same strap. The Car Clips should face each other when the strap is laid over the carrier (Fig 8).

Repeat all steps for the second strap.

The Car Clips attach under the vehicle’s door frame weather molding (Fig 9). The strap tightens over the top of the cargo bag. The tension of the strap pulled between the (2) Car Clips holds the cargo bag in place.

(2) straps are required to secure a carrier. On a 4-door vehicle, (1) strap will attach to the front door frames and (1) strap will attach to the rear door frames. On a 2-door vehicle, (2) straps will attach to the front door frames.

Close the vehicle’s doors over the clips/straps (Fig 10). Please see the set up guide included with each carrier for additional instructions.