Truck Tents on Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon

We have been waiting with much anticipation to see the new 2015 Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. These trucks have been out of production since 2012 and the new models have received a complete makeover for the coming year. Unfortunately, we must report that at the present time, our truck tents will not fit these trucks.

The Colorado and Canyon are offered in 6 ft and 5 ft bed lengths. The bed height for these trucks is taller than other mid-size trucks such as the Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma. The increased height (about 3 inches) skews the fit of our Mid Size Truck Tents on these vehicles.

For example, here is our Mid Size Long Bed Truck Tent 6′ (110760) on a 6 ft Chevy Colorado.

2015 Chevy Colorado with Truck Tent







Although the tent looks pretty good on the truck at first glance, the taller bed height creates two problems:

First, the tent is pulled farther towards the rear of the truck than is normal. The photo below shows the gap between the front of the tent and the front of the bed. Although this gap doesn’t create any problems, it does not represent the normal fit for our truck tents.

2015 Chevy Colorado Truck Tent Front of Bed







Second, the section of the tent covering the tailgate is pulled up from its normal position. The tents raised position creates an opening between the tailgate and the tent on both sides of the truck. Of course, it would be possible to “rig” a covering for these openings (a towel or sweatshirt would work), but we believe the tent should do its proper job without any additional help.

2015 Chevy Colorado Truck Tent Tailgate







We have yet to try our Mid Size Short Bed Truck Tent 5′ (110765) on the 5 ft Colorado, but we expect the result to be very much the same. We will evaluate the option of creating a tent specifically for the Colorados and Canyons in the near future.

Our Compact Size Truck Tent 6′ (110770) will still fit the 6′ Colorados and Canyons made between 2005 and 2012. We do not have a tent to fit the 5′ Colorados and Canyons made between 2005 and 2012.


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10 Responses to Truck Tents on Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon

  1. Paul Edwards says:

    Any update on the fit for these trucks? Have you tried the 5 foot beds yet? I have a 2015 Canyon I am looking for a tent for.

  2. admin says:

    We do not currently have a fit for the 2015 Canyon in any bed length.

  3. Javier Hoyos says:

    Will the 6 Foot tent fit the 5’2″ Colorado bed.? It looks like that will eliminate the Gap both front and back.

  4. Loran Evans says:

    Sorry no. Our Mid Size Long Bed Truck Tent 6′ leaves the gaps and our Compact Size Truck Tent 6′ is too narrow for the Colorado. Hopefully within the next year, we can have an option for the Canyon and Colorado. Thanks for your interest.

  5. Rodger says:

    When will you announce the decision to make a truck tent that will fit the 2015 Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon? If you decide to make one, when might it be available to purchase? Wanting to know so I can decide whether or not to wait.

  6. Loran Evans says:

    I am sorry that I cannot give you a firm time as of yet. We will be evaluating over the next few months. Thank You.

  7. Terry says:

    Any update on the truck tent fit for the 2015 > chevy Colorado?

  8. Loran Evans says:

    Hi Terry- we are producing prototypes as we speak. We should have a solution some time towards the end of 2016. Thanks for your interest!

  9. Erik says:

    I recently spoke to a support agent who suggested that the new tents are nearly available now. Is there an update on the release of the tents for the 5′ Colorado beds?

  10. admin says:

    Hi Erik. We will be releasing tents which will fit the 2015 and newer Colorado/Canyon in early March. We will have an option for both the 6′ and 5′ beds.

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