Rightline Gear Truck Tent and SUV Tent Combo

Have you ever wondered if the Rightline Gear SUV Tent can connect to the rear of the Rightline Gear Truck Tent? If so, you are not alone – we actually get that question quite a bit. We are pleased to report that the answer to the question is YES!

Here is our Mid Size Short Bed Truck Tent, 110765, on a Toyota Tacoma with the SUV Tent attached to its rear.


You can see that the vehicle sleeve of the SUV Tent extends to the cab side of the Truck Tent’s peak. The vehicle sleeve reaches this far on the small Toyota Truck/Truck Tent. On larger Trucks/Truck Tents, the vehicle sleeve will stop at the peak of the Truck Tent or even closer to the rear pole of the Truck Tent.


The SUV Tent seals tightly around the Truck Tent to keep bugs, wind, and rain out. The tailgate of the truck extends into the interior space of the SUV Tent.



Now you can sleep up off the ground in the comfort of your truck bed, but still have tons of room to dress, store your gear, bring along a bunch of kids, etc.


Try out this great set up and be sure to send us photos of you and your people!

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2 Responses to Rightline Gear Truck Tent and SUV Tent Combo

  1. Jody Garland says:

    How much for the 10th 11076 5cu

  2. admin says:

    Hello Jody. Our Truck Tents have a retail price of $179.95.

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