Rightline Gear Replacement Car Clips

In August 2017, Rightline Gear updated the design of our popular Car Clips. These coated metal hooks attach to the end of the Rightline Gear Car Top Carrier attachment straps and secure the Carrier to a vehicle without a roof rack. The Car Clips hook under the door frame weather molding and the vehicle’s door closes over the Clips/attachment straps.



The new shape of the Car Clips makes their attachment to the vehicle easier and provides a better fit for the Clips under the vehicle’s door. The change in the Car Clip’s design does away with our previous tip page Rightline Gear Car Clips – Proper Fit.


We have changed the name of this product from Car Clips to Replacement Car Clips, 100600 . The reason for this change is that Car Clips are now included with all Rightline Gear Car Top Carriers!

Our customers can use their Rightline Gear Car Top Carrier on multiple vehicles, with or without a roof rack, straight out of the box. If you have a Rightline Gear Car Top Carrier that was originally used on a vehicle with a roof rack, you can still purchase our Replacement Car Clips to use the Carrier on a vehicle without a roof rack!

Product Reviews

Because the product number, 100600, remains the same for the Replacement Car Clips, many of our retailers’ websites have kept customer reviews that were given for the previous model Car Clips. These reviews may or may not accurately reflect the new version of the Car Clips. We always strive to keep improving our products, no matter how well they have performed for our customers!

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